Friday, May 20, 2011

PDL::IO::Export2D now uses Dist::Zilla

My module (PDL::IO::Export2D) has made the switch to Dist::Zilla and I am impressed with how easy it makes authoring modules for CPAN!

My source tree now only consists of the actual module, the test scripts, the Changes file, (yes, there is the README.pod, but that is generated by D::Z for github's benefit) and the dist.ini file for Dist::Zilla. This file contains the distribution metadata and the plugins / plugin configuation to be used in the build process.

name = PDL-IO-Export2D
version = 0.030
author = Joel Berger <>
license = Perl_5
copyright_holder = Joel Berger
abstract = Provides a convenient method for exporting a 2D piddle.


[ReadmeAnyFromPod / pod.root ]
filename = README.pod
type = pod
location = root

... yep thats all. It makes my other files (meta, readme, etc), it even puts the version number in the module file for me!

Now if I want to make a small change and publish it, all I need to do is make the change, increment the version number in dist.ini then do

dzil build
dzil test

and finally upload to PAUSE. Simple, convenient.

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