Monday, June 23, 2008


I created this site to share my experience as a new, but no longer n00b, linux user.

The final thing that pushed me over the edge to make this site was the 64 bit Java plugin.
I think that it is full heartless that sun has not created a 64bit plugin yet. As you can see here it has been over 6 years that people have been asking for it and still, with the rise of 64bit personal computers (can you even buy a 32 bit anymore?) they will wait until the next release in 2009!

I remember that when Java was coming out it was touted as the language that was going to bridge all chasms and work on all platforms. Well apparently only on platforms that they consider important. I guess we just keep using IcedTea and be hostage to what works and what doesn't.

Just to start out ...

Hello everyone, I am about one year into my linux experiment and (mostly) I love it. I hope that this site will let me share some things that I have learned and some opinions that I have.

To get going let me say a word about the boxes that I have. All are running Ubuntu Hardy.

My old baby is a Hp pavilion dv6040us, AMD dual core 64, which after over a year is almost completely up and running as I like it. The remote is not working correctly, but I wonder if that is hardware and not linux as it seems that no one else has had any problems with it.

My new baby is an Ubuntu preload from It features an Intel quad-core 64. This is of course working great.

I am also running a few older boxes, the final one of note is a small webserver, which I am attempting to run in text only (as a challenge).

I am a Physics graduate student, who often need to do computer simulations of complicated systems, so I need all the power I can get and I am always trying to keep my computers on the very edge.