Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun with sound continued

So go online and find some audio clips in wav format. I got some from 2001 with HAL saying "I'm sorry Dave I'm afraid I can't do that." From ssh you can play a sound on a remote computer with the command 'aplay filename.wav.'

Believe me it makes for a LOT of fun.

(PS posted from Jaunty, possibly the easiest and best upgrade I have ever had!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update - awaiting Jaunty

As I wait for Jaunty in week or so (ok I have tested the beta a little), I thought I should update my first post on my progress.

I now also have a Dell Studio 15, which has some basic hardware issues (why can't anything just work) which are not linux but hardware (the disk drive randomly ejects whenever it feels the urge); but I do love it and it worked with Intrepid as soon as I installed it (and the newest fglrx drivers by hand).

I still have my text only server and in fact I have gotten so good at that that I am running some VirtualBox text-only servers as testbeds for what I eventually use on my live site.

BTW VirtualBox is a great way to try out Ubuntu on your Windows machine without risking any problems to your computer.

See you from a Jaunty system soon.

Great quote from symsysit

"For example, when you install Kubuntu Hardy and you have an Nvidia card, Ubuntu pops up and says “I see you have an Nvidia card, would you like to install the drivers for it?” You click yes and you’re on your way, with Lenny however you log into your system and there’s no such pop-up, so you say, “Lenny, I have an Nvidia card and I’d like to install it please”, to which Lenny promptly replies, “Well drop to console and work for it bitch!”"