Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update - awaiting Jaunty

As I wait for Jaunty in week or so (ok I have tested the beta a little), I thought I should update my first post on my progress.

I now also have a Dell Studio 15, which has some basic hardware issues (why can't anything just work) which are not linux but hardware (the disk drive randomly ejects whenever it feels the urge); but I do love it and it worked with Intrepid as soon as I installed it (and the newest fglrx drivers by hand).

I still have my text only server and in fact I have gotten so good at that that I am running some VirtualBox text-only servers as testbeds for what I eventually use on my live site.

BTW VirtualBox is a great way to try out Ubuntu on your Windows machine without risking any problems to your computer.

See you from a Jaunty system soon.

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