Friday, August 8, 2008

Learn the Shell

I started like many newer linux converts saying "since linux has nice gui tools now, I can finally convert to it and live like I did in the windows world." And it worked for a while until ...

I discovered ssh.

I can control another computer as if it WAS the computer I am sitting at, unlike remote desktop which is a remote computer in a window with limits. The problem is that I could only (not total true) control it at the command line level. (If you start ssh with -x you can tunnel windowed programs too.) Anyway I started learning the shell commands; turns out I rather liked it. I am now trying to learn what I would have learned had I started in linux years ago.

Anyway a short story turned long leads to ...

I found this site that is a great explaination and tutorial.

If you haven't befriended the shell yet, go ahead. Its not as scary as you would think.

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